Accessibility Statement

The Xunta de Galicia undertook to make its websites accessible in accordance with Royal Decree 1112/2018 of 7 September on the accessibility of websites and applications for mobile devices in the public sector.

This accessibility statement applies to the website Xacobeo 2021.

Compliance status

This website is partially compliant with RD 1112/2018 due to the exceptions and lack of compliance in the following aspects.

Non-accessible content

The content below is not accessible for the following reasons:

  1. lack of compliance with RD 1112/2018:
    • There may be problems perceiving some elements of the website affecting the requirements Non-text content, Information and relations and Text spacing from UNE-EN 301 549:2019.
    • Problems may be experienced in accessing the functionalities of the website elements affecting the requirements Keyboard, Pause, stop, hide and Purpose of links (in context) from UNE-EN 301 549:2019.
    • Some information regarding elements of the website may not be available that affects understanding how to use these elements or the information they provide affecting the requirements Language of the parties and Labels or instructions from UNE-EN 301 549:2019.
  2. disproportionate burden: does not apply.
  3. the content is not covered by the applicable law: does not apply.


Preparation of this accessibility statement

This statement was prepared on 04/03/2020.

The method used to prepare the statement was a self-assessment carried out by the Agency for the Technological Modernisation of Galicia (Amtega).

Last revision of the statement: 04/03/2020.

Comments and contact details

You can make communications about accessibility requirements (article 10.2 [a] of RD 1112/2018) such as informing about possible non-compliance by this website, report other difficulties in accessing the content or formulating any other consultation or suggestion of improvement regarding the accessibility of this website through the Integrated System for Citizen Services electronically, by telephone or in person.

Communications will be received and processed by the Xunta de Galicia.

Application procedure

The complaint procedure set out in Article 13 of RD 1112/2018 will enter into force on 20 September 2020.

Optional content

Date of last revision

The last revision on accessibility was carried out on 04/03/2020.

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