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Xacobeo 2021 Strategic Plan

The Xacobeo 2021 Strategic Plan is the roadmap for organising, implementing and evaluating the actions that we want to promote within the framework of the Holy Year 2021.

It is the result of a participatory process that has involved over 600 people, a total of8 working tables,130 interviewswith relevant people, experts and representatives of the associative network, as well as 400 surveys on pilgrims from 33 different nationalities. This Plan, submitted a year and a half before the start of the Holy Year, is grounded in values ranging fromhospitality to integration. It combines innovationwith tradition, spiritualityandreligiositywithmulticulturalism, and its main aims are transversality and quality, internationalisation and local talent, decentralisation and participation.

In the end, it includes a set of actions that centre around six main axes: Xacobeo Unique, is a set of unique and institutional actions;Xacobeo Experiences, based on our heritage, culture, traditions and landscape;Xacobeo Citizenship, international projection of events;Xacobeo Reflection,  knowledge, debate;Xacobeo Innovation, promotes the use of the senses through innovative experiences;Xacobeo Communityactions that allow social cohesion in Galicia, turning Galicians into active participants, as in other programmes such as O teu Xacobeo.

Finally, the Strategic Plan integrates two axes: Support Axis, which aims to create a more sustainable Camino through path maintenance, actions to spruce up, expand and reform public shelters, improve road safety and rehabilitate the cultural heritage of the Camino; and the Reception Axis, led by Council of Santiago de Compostela, which will have the cooperation and support of the Regional Government of Galicia, with the purpose of improving reception in the pilgrimage’s destination city.