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Xacobeo 2021 is a registered trademark and, at the same time, the image that identifies the set of actions, activities, and programmes associated with the celebration of the Holy Year 2021.

The Xacobeo 2021 Visual Identity Manual is an indispensable instrument for transmitting the values of unity, coherence and modernity in the various activities associated with this event.

The Visual Identity Manual sets out the basic principles to be applied to the whole range of communication products of the "Xacobeo 2021" brand and its aim is to give the brand identity and coherence in its communication, an identity built around two key elements: the scallop shell and a logo designed with custom font. This identity manual is addressed to the regional public sector, and also establishes the possibility for other persons, entities and institutions who are not members of the above-mentioned sector to request the corresponding licenses and authorisations for its use from the Agencia Turismo de Galicia  (the Galician tourism board), which will be granted subject to the regulations on intellectual and industrial property.