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"O teu Xacobeo"

A result of the participatory nature of this celebration is the "O teu Xacobeo", a specific aid programme for the socio-cultural revitalisation of the Camino de Santiago and the promotion of Xacobeo 2021.

This programme, launched in 2019, reflects the participatory, diverse, decentralised and sustainable nature of this event, as it allows all actors of society to participate actively in the next Holy Year. It is the citizens themselves who design the planning through their proposals.

"O teu Xacobeo” is structured through three lines of action depending on the type of beneficiary: local entities (line 1), companies (line 2) and associations and non-profit foundations (line 3). Its objective is to support projects covering the most diverse areas: artistic, gastronomic, sports, social and heritage.

What is certainly the largest open call for projects in the history of Galicia received 654 applications, approved 352 proposals and granted 4.7 million euros in 2019.


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