The Catalan city of Lleida, located on the Camí Catalá de Sant Jaume [Catalan Way to Santiago], celebrates the popular festival of Els Fanalets de Sant Jaume [The Lanterns of Santiago]. It commemorates the legend of the help that the apostle Santiago received there, during his preaching around the Peninsula, one night without light.


The town of Fondo, in the north of Italy, holds a popular performance commemorating the 15th century pilgrimage of a group of residents to Santiago. Several houses in this town have been decorated with Jacobean motifs ever since.


The Italian town of Caltagirone celebrates the festival of Santiago with the lighting of thousands of small oil lamps on the monumental steps of Santa Maria del Monte. La Scala Illuminata, as it is popularly known, has 146 steps. The apostle Santiago is the patron saint of this Sicilian city.

24 de Julho de 1493

The young Dane Erik Markvardsen is condemned to make a pilgrimage to Santiago as punishment for killing his uncle in a fit of rage. Markvardsen must also visit other pilgrimage sites in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, must walk around naked, with chains on his feet, and must live on the charity he receives, without being able to beg.

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